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Springtime is "Sticker Shock" season!

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Click to order "Sticker Shock" materialsYou are invited to stick 'em up and participate in our statewide Project Sticker Shock event!

During this event, stickers, window decals, posters, and proof of age signs will be posted in liquor establishments reminding consumers that Providing Alcohol to Minors is Illegal, Unhealthy, & Unacceptable. 

This is the fourth year that Illinois has hosted a statewide Sticker Shock event. Each year, THOUSANDS of volunteers participate in the annual activities, and last year was no exception!

Partners in prevention

Throughout the spring, a variety of community leaders — including mayors, police chiefs, sheriffs, and other local officials — will serve as chaperones as teens fan out across the state placing Sticker Shock materials in their community's liquor establishments. Additionally, a variety of statewide organizations — from both the industry and prevention fields — have signed on as partners for this event.

All Sticker Shock materials were created through the ILCC's public education arm — the Don’t Be Sorry campaign — and are designed to provide the health and legal consequences on both parents and youth.

NOTE: If you are holding a community-wide activity, please review our "Sticker Shock Quick Notes" page to learn how to make your event a success. For additional questions and information, please call 312-814-4802 or email ted.penesis@illinois.gov.

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